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Thread: Golden Retriever loves guitar playing

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    Talking Golden Retriever loves guitar playing

    This Golden is smilin' and groovin' while the guitar is playing....and then is ????? when it stops.
    Another reason dogs > cats.

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    Excellent! My dad just turned 80 a few days ago and I like being able to get him to find something amusing and he definitely enjoyed this. Good find.

    I like cats. People just fine them less interesting than dogs because they're not interested in a lovey-dubby relationship with humans. It's just not in their nature. A domesticated cat will probably survive in the wild. A domesticated dog would croak in no time, barring the usual exceptions.

    I've owned both, though, and enjoyed having both. A dog will definitely be a better buddy and be more subservient. You know the ol' man's best friend saying.

    Can't deny, though. You just gotta love a dog that love raw guitar.
    Can't wait to be home with papa.

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    Default Re: Golden Retriever loves guitar playing

    Man...that is great!!
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    Great video
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    Oh!!! thats so cute!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!! i wish i had a dog too, whom i can teach how to play a guitar..
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