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Thread: Boss Ac-2 vs Ac-3

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    Default Boss Ac-2 vs Ac-3

    It's my first post here. Sorry for my poor english. I would like to know if Ac-3 differs somehow from Ac-2. Ac3 is newer and it's digital so it should sound a way better, I suppouss. Has anybody played on the one of them?
    Or maybe someone could advise me some better acoustic simulator effect?

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    I don't have much experience with acoustic sims (other than those on MFXs), but I believe Yamaha has an acoustic sim pedal that's supposed to be very good.

    Someone will probably know more and pop in here.

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    The acoustic sim in my Zoom G9.2tt walks all over the sim in the GT8 (which I think is based off the AC2). The Zoom G2 also has it and costs about as much as the Boss AC* pedals.

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    well, I can get ac-3 pedal for 100$ from my local music store, so it's a real bargain. Samples of ac-2: it sounds very good to my ears.
    Does anyone can put some samples of acoustic sim from G2 or other MFX/pedal.

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    I agree, the AC sim is very cool for adding an acoustic like timbre to an electric guitar.

    Towards the end of this clip you can hear the G2 AC sim and me trying different pickup combinations... The effects are from a Yamaha Magicstomp (chorus, delay...) and are put on a bit thick but the whole purpose of the the clip originally was for me to show off the Magicstomp's effects to a friend... Good luck!

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    I actually rate the Accoustic Sim on the G2 very highly..better then the Acoustic sims on every other Multi Effects Pedal ive tried.

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